Substantial Reward – for the safe return of Tic Toc

TicToc was found to be missing Saturday morning 7th December 2013 at 7.00 am  He was last seen in his paddock Friday 6th December at 9.00 p.m.TicToc was found to be missing Saturday morning 7th December 2013 at 7.00 am  He was last seen in his paddock Friday 6th December at 9.00 p.m.

TicToc was found to be missing

Saturday morning 7th December 2013 at 7.00 am

He was last seen in his paddock

Friday 6th December at 9.00 p.m.

  • TicToc was in a paddock with 2 other ponies, the other 2 ponies were not taken.
  • The padlock on an unused gate at the end of a track on the perimeter of the property was found to have been unlocked. The gate however was latched shut. The two gates leading out of TicToc’s field were still tied shut with rope.
  • The Police believe that the padlock may have been picked. The padlock had not been used for at least 8 months.
  • There was no evidence of any fencing being broken, neither was there any evidence of TicToc escaping.
  • The other main gate was still secure and TicToc was not wearing any head collar at the time, he was wearing a Horseware Rambo Purple and Blue rug.

TicToc was found to be missing Saturday morning 7th December 2013 at 7.00 am  He was last seen in his paddock Friday 6th December at 9.00 p.m.


  • On day 1 the police would not register TicToc as stolen hence the missing/stolen posters, he was legally registered as stolen on Sunday 8th December.
  • The Police have been informed and are still working closely with Catriona.
  • Crime ref number CF0437771213

Auctions and Sales

Immediately after the disappearance auctioneers and sale houses were contacted by telehone, and with the help of people on Facebook, the sales since his disappearance have been attended and checked. We do still need however to maintain a presence at future sales, and would welcome the assistance of being able to attend.

Abattoirs, Fisherman, Ports

  • A mass phone calling session was made to all abattoirs, local fishermen were also made aware, and ports notified with posters also being sent out.
  • Search of the Area
  • On the first days following TicToc’s disappearance, all the local area was searched over and over.
  • An extensive search of the area (5 mile radius) was undertaken on Saturday 14th December, with no evidence of hoof marks, droppings or foliage been eaten. All ditches and dykes were covered and no evidence of any sign of a pony was found.
  • The local the amateur pilot groups have been alerted.
  • Two thermal sweeps have been made from the sky covering a 30 mile radius


  • Footage of one the roads in the nearby village has been examined, with no vehicle of any significance seen.


An initial reward was offered by the family of £1,000, however shortly after a pledge fund was set up via Facebook to increase the reward to £2,000. This total was reached.

Social Media

  • The Facebook group, **STOLEN** HELP FIND TICTOC! Was started up immediately to spread the word, there has been an amazing response from group members, and there are now 10,000 members. Together with the aid of Twitter, celebrities started to support the campaign for TicTocs return. Other Facebook pages and groups were inundated with postings, and quickly horse welfare charities, Lost & stolen horse groups, dog groups, and more recently large corporate businesses, agreed to support the cause by reposting.


  • With the persistence of the group’s members, TicTocs story could not be missed. The first real breakthrough was that Anglia ITV ran the story, this was rapidly picked up by the papers, and the Daily Mail and Telegraph ran the story.


  • Posters have been printed and put up in tack shops, saddleries, local businesses, taken in to schools, passed to hauliers, taxi firms, scrap metal merchants, vets, farriers – the list is endless.


  • Preloved, Gumtree, Horsequest, Horsemart Pets4Homes etc have been extensively searched for ponies matching TicToc’s description.


  • We need you to keep TicToc in the forefront of everybody’s minds.
  • Keep doing what you are doing, posting, tweeting, keeping it high profile. You don’t need our permission or approval to contact whatever organisation, group or person, please just go ahead and do it. It won’t hurt if someone is contacted more than once, it merely enforces the message.
  • If you have any questions about who has been contacted, please research this on the appropriate websites and Facebook pages, if they have been notified, there is bound to be a post confirming if they know.
  • Please can people put posters up in their local supermarkets, McDonald’s, KFC, local shops and Post Offices.
  • Ask your local Postman or woman, to keep an eye out on their rounds for TicToc.
  • Notify your vets and farriers.
  • Please notify Admin of any forthcoming horse sales and auctions, some of the smaller sales are not always publicised, so we will rely on local knowledge.
  • We would welcome help with contacting the Auctioneers, handing out posters on sale day, and also checking for any sign on TicToc.
  • * The same goes with Abattoirs, again we do not have the local knowledge, and would welcome that you notify Admin of any in your area.
  • Search the classifieds, for horses for sale or loan, Preloved, Gumtree, Horsequest, Horsemart, Pets4homes etc, Most websites allow you to search on newly listed, which helps to cut down the search.
  • Please however use the checklist for identification in Photos of this group together with the photos of TicToc. On no account post your findings without contacting Admin first. Horse and pony adverts and other postings which have been discounted can also been seen in the Photos section. Please check these first.
  • Please report any potential sightings of ponies matching the description of TicToc. Particularly if you have not seen them before, and appear new to the area. If it is possible, send in photographs to Admin and we will quickly confirm if we believe that it worth further enquiry. Please again do not post of comment on the group, as potentially this could alert the person who has TicToc and move him on.
  • The Traveller community have been fantastic, and extremely supportive with the search, if any of you are Travellers or are friends of travellers, we would welcome your help in spreading the word within your community.
  • Think carefully about what you post – whilst we welcome the support and encouragement – the traffic to this group has been enormous, every post has to be read, even following!!! There was a point when Kate alone had over 200 messages to respond to.
  • We would really appreciate it if you could be mindful of this, as there is a real danger that some crucial message might be missed.
  • Please also treat your fellow group members with respect, there has been at times some really upsetting posts, when people are only trying to help.

Any news of significance will obviously be posted here as soon as possible – this is the only official Facebook page for finding TicToc. If TicToc is found Catriona Carnegie – TicToc’s owner will confirm this.

Lastly we truly appreciate all your support – this has been an absolutely sobering event, where people who have no connection with each other, pull together.


Kerry Louise Palin

Catriona Carnegie

Michelle Low

Caroline Crouchman


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